Welcome to The Makers Workshop.

This site will chronicle some projects out of the hundreds of projects over the years. I have been building things since childhood and still make things everyday. Here I will share some of those projects that I think others might enjoy, be interested in or can learn from. If you are l like me and want to share your projects too, please reach out to us on the contact page to join as a contributor.

About the Makers Workshop. The workshop is a fairly complete makers space. It has wood working tools (table saw, band saw, router table, belt sanding table, etc. and usual hand tools), metal working tools (drill press, welder, TIG, chop saw, press, and usual metal working hand tools) and maker space tools (CNC, 3D printers, vacuum forming, injection molding, CAD, CAM, and usual electronics tools and gear). Multiple projects small, larger, short and long term are always in progress. So the range of projects shared here is fairly divers.

Thanks for stopping by.