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Free Foamies Plane Plans (Fan-Fold and Depron)

This list is a compiled list of Foamies Plane Plans that I have run across. Plans of the planes are linked where available. Links to the sources in case where for sale.

Good resources for finding Foam Plane Plans:

Good place to buy your Depron- RC

Good place to buy DIY brushless motors (CD ROM motor kits)-

Good place to buy carbon fiber tubes/rods/woven –Aerospace Composite Products

Good place to buy RC motors, batteries, servos, etc. REALLY CHEAP – Hobby City

Here are some stats on other Foam Plane options I considered from their plans:

Plane Plan Motor Wing Span Prop ESC Batt Plans
ElectriFly RimFire 22M-1000 Brushless 31″ 10×3.5 8-Amp 3-cell 350-700mAh
FrogForg GWS IPS-A (5.86:1 Gear Ratio) 34″ 9×7 GWS ICS-50 2-cell 120mAh LiPo Frog_Instructions
Old timer GWS Dual IPS-A (5.86:1 Gear Ratio) 44″ 11×4.7 GWS ICS-100 2-cell 700/1200mAh Lipo
Staggerwing GWS IPS-A (5.86:1 Gear Ratio) 31.5″ 9×7 GWS ICS-50 2-cell 1020mAh Stagger_Plan
Tinabob 2 GWS EDP-50XC    Carbon Brush 24″ 3×2 GWS ICS-100/100E 2-cell Li-ion 7.2v
Pond Baby 280 brushed motor 27-32″ 6   8.4v 600 to 800mAh
Pelican GWS EPS-300c “2S” (2.80:1 Gear Ratio) 42″ 7×6  GWS ICS-300 2-cell 1200mAh LiPo Pelican_Kit_PDF
Baby Shark
Baby Shark
 Brushless Outruner 24″ 4.75 x 4.75 to 6 x 5 3 Amp BEC 700-900 mAh 3cell LiPo babyshark-plans
Nano Bi Plane


 GWS LPS-RXC-A ?” GWS 8043 2-5 Amp 450 – 650 mAh 2 cell LiPo Nano Bi plane
Fokker Eindecker
Fokker Eindecker
      LiPo Fokker_Eindecker
Micro Moth-balsa
Micro Moth
  ~9″    RFFS-100 LiPo Micro Moth
Micro Pitts-balsaMicro Pitts   ~8″   RFFS-100 LiPo Micro Pitts
Micro Pterodactyl  two hextronics 20 gram motors or other 50W motors 52″    one CC Phoenix or Thunderbird or other 10A controller 500mah – 800mah 2s -3s Li-Poly Micro_Pterodactyl
3D Fish   38″     LiPo 3D_Fish
SE5aSE5a_32   32″     LiPo SE5a 32 inch
Sea BB ESC-ELE 2100Kv
Blue Wonder 1500Kv
Suppo 2208-14
GWS 5 x 4.3
GWS 7 x 6
APC 5 x 3.8
10 amp ESC
10 amp ESC
18 amp ESC
3s 700 mah LiPo
3s 1000 mah LiPo
3s 1300 mah LiPo
Sea BB 26_34_42
SharkShark Grason Hobby Micro Jet V3 30″ APC 6 x 5.5 20 amp ESC 900-1500 LiPo 3 cell Shark Plans
Silent MiteSilent Mite   28″ 8 x 4.3   3S1P  LiPo Silent_Mite
STCSTC  IPS A / CD Rom 35″ 8 x 10   340 – 1300 ma 2/3 cell LiPo The STC
STSSTS  GWS 350 D gear 44″ 9 x 11   800 – 1500 2/3 cell LiPo The STS
Uni Fuse
Uni Fuse
Universal Fuselage N/A Any  Any Uni_Fuse

 With so many other good plane plans available to build just pick a project. Happy flying!


Vacuum Form Build part Fourteen


Here we are at step 14 and Operation.

To make it possible to plug in the vacuum form machine, I needed to install a very large Over/Dry size outlet.  For me this meant running 35 feet of #6 copper, wiring into new outlet, and adding the largest breaker in the house power panel I have ever seen.  Not at all a little scary. That done, I now have the power I need to operate the vacuum form.  We used an oven plug rated at 55 amps. It won’t run the whole 2 x 4 but it should handle the a 2 x 2 or 2 x 3. It will in fact take two different circuits to power both zones of the 2 x 4. Each zone needs about 30 amps. Remember this is like running two kitchen ovens at once.    

With the house wiring done, the build is over and now begins the testing and operation. For this we now need a mold and a huge sheet of plastic. It’s been almost 6 months since the start of this build. It’s time to find out if the effort we have put in will pay off or burn the house down. This is always a good time to double check everything. Have that buddy come over and double check your work or stand by with the fire extinguisher.

First test: The goal will be to use the Vacuum Form machine to turn these new sheets of 4 x 8 plastic, a new mold (see Building a MSE-6 Droid) into an R/C car body. Here’s the plan.
4’x8′ sheets of ABS   + Droid R/C car body mold  + Vacuum Form Machine  = MSE-6 Mouse Droid?

+ + = ?The Droid you want

We will see.