DIY Dyno Control Column

The control column on the Dyno has to be all things. It’s you power, fuses, gauges, hour clock, throttle, clutch, fuel system, and note pad in one. Additionally it needs to move. Designed to be wherever you need it. Exhaust on the right side of the motor? No problem, move the controls to the left.

Like some other projects, I chose to use some CNCed Plexiglas and color from the back. I made the top hinged so you could pull two pins and easily get to the back.   It has a full complement of gauges (Rev limiting Tachometer, Oil pressure, Water and Oil Temp and Air Mixture). Also the usual toggles for fuel, coil and fan. We strive for everything to be just like the racecar. Just what you need and nothing else. If we use something different on the Dyno then we do in the car then you are not going to get the same results when the motor goes in the car. We don’t want to be tuning for the bench.

The fuel tank, pump, pressure regulator, and gauge are all on one support frame. With just a few bolts they can be removed as a unit. Again I have gone for a unitized system design. Easier to fix and diagnose. The tank was a hard one to find. There aver few small metal tank options. This one is a vintage steel tank from a 70’s riding mower.

The throttle is a marine style. Since this is a standing position a foot pedal didn’t make much since. It’s another vintage find. Most new ones have gone to drive by wire and they don’t use cables anymore. I had to build up the mount from scratch to fit it in on the side of the panel. Also had to design and 3D print custom parts (grey in the photo) to make the linkage work.

Happy workshoping.

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