Vacuum Form Build part Nine

Front Control Panel and back Power Box

The power box and front control panel are two of the more challenging parts to build.

The rear power box because, IT IS the POWER BOX. It has 100 amps @ 220v running through it. Making an error here can mean shock, fire, a burn up or any number of bad things. There are lots of wires here and getting just one crossed or using the wrong gauge can be the end of our little project. So we test and retest and go over the wiring diagram again and again. Also a good time to have a buddy double check your work.

The front panel was a challenge because again we had no instructions to follow. Opting for the more advanced Two Stage Vacuum System design we needed a “two way selector valve” to switch the vacuum from the tanks to the pump vacuum during operation. This required two vacuum gauges on the panel, the selector valve the pump switch and main vacuum valve to all be within easy reach during operation. Having no plan to follow I decided the front panel needed some tilt so the gauges could be more easily read and chose 1/4″ Plexiglas (non conductive).

The results are quite nice. It presents a very smooth and finished looking front panel with everything easy to read and get to.