Vacuum Form Build part Thirteen

The Holding Frame

I wanted the flexibility to use the vacuum form machine in whatever size configuration best fit the job I was working on, 2 x 2, 2 x 3 or 2 x 4.  So, my lift frame is a simple 2 x 4 angle iron design with some added easily moved cross braces. Two screws and I can quickly adjust the lifting frame size to match any of the three Platens. Then just swap the Platen and you are off. To do this I will also need top frames in each of the 3 sizes. This set of photos shows the 2 x 2 setup with the top frame clamping to the lifting frame. The top frame is oak with neatly screwed corners and a very tight fit. The side slots allow for large size paper clips/clamps to hold the plastic sheet in place. You might think this would not be enough to hold the plastic, but the clamps do a great job and are easily replaced for a few bucks a box should they get tired.