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Design your Workshop!

One of the classic problems in a workshop is layout. Deciding where to put things so that you still have room for materials and work to happen but be able to use each tool at it’s station with room to maneuver.   I decided to moving all the saw dust making tools to their own space. I was able to find a workshop design I liked in the SketchUp warehouse. I’ll use a simple saltbox shed design for this.  SketchUP_8 Shed File

To help with the layout problem I used my trusty SketchUp again. Using just the floor and the door of the shed for reference.  I modified it to the size I need. Then found most of my tools in the warehouse and moved them in so I could check the layout design and spacing. Using the layers it is a great tool for working out the details before you cut any lumber.  This way you can check to see that the plywood still fits through the door and can be run on the  table saw. Sketchup8 Workshop with Tools File