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Building a MSE-6 Droid

Making a MSE-6 Droid R/C Car body

The goal of this project was to build a MSE-6 mouse droid in time to take to the con.
Ok, Plan B: will be to turn a mold in to a shell and then the shell in to an R/C droid for next years con.

Droid Mold  Droid top and bottom shell   What your finish droid should look like.


  • Join the yahoo group for MSE-6 mouse droids. Ask around for where to get, buy or order MSE-6 shell. Get no response.
  • Spend seven months building a home vacuum form machine (See how here)
  • Use the pdf plans from yahoo group to build form to build wooden mold. See nice photo gallery below. Invent new math to make the angels work out because plans are not complete or correct.  The mold is about 19 inches. 10.5 inch wheel base for standard R/C car components. NOTE: These are scaled! Not full size.  About 86%. If there is demand for Full 1 to 1 scale then I might build a second set of molds.
  • Use new home Vacuum Forming machine to make MSE6 shell on the molds you just built. See cool vacuum pull videos below.
  • Looking for Greeblies and Side panels!