Vacuum Form Build part Eleven

The Plumbing

In this step we show how the Vacuum lines get hooked up when using the Two Stage systems with two tanks, two gauges, a selector valve and a main vacuum valve. These photos don’t show the check valve but there is one, right on the pump line.

Again this is a step that I thought shouldn’t take long. But it does. Working out what connects to what, how long that hose is and which fittings are needed where is all on you. There’s no parts list of what to buy and what size pipe thread fits where. This took several trips to several plumbing departments to find all the right fittings. And no I didn’t guess right the first time and yes I have a few parts left over. 

I start here with the pump and tanks I used and deciding where to place them. There is lots of room to work with. I moved the the tanks to under the valve to try to keep the hose lengths as short as possible since longer hose means less vacuum.