Vacuum Form Build part Four

Building the heating tiles support grid.

The heating panels are 2′ x 6″ and a 2′ x 4′ vacuum form takes 8 panels. To hold the heating panels is a support grid made up of ceiling tile frames and a box made from steel studs. It takes about an hour to cut and bend up the support grid. Lifting and attaching the support grid to the top frame is another challenge if you are just one person. This is a good step to have a helping set of hands.  The precise placement of the frame in the upper box is not provided so you kind of have to wing it. I hope I guessed right. Too high and the plastic will be too far from the heating elements and we won’t get good heat transfer. Too close and the transfer rate will be too high and we could over heat the plastic.

This is quick step and can be done in an evening. The materials are easy to get and they are light. There are a lot of sharp edges. You need to wear good gloves and have some sharp tin snips. I didn’t have to build the old style heat box but the plans look like a pain. I’m glad this improvement came along.