Vacuum Form Build part Six

Lifting arms and sliders in oak.

Not having a welder, I decided that the Lifting Arms and mechanisms could be made from wood. In these shots you will see that using a stick of conduit as a pivot rod I recreated the complex lifting arms and sliders from oak. I’m sure steel is a better choice, it would last longer, have less play and might be more secure. But I used what I had and I like the more steampunk look the oak arms give it. If it does ever need to be redone I’ll consider the cost of the welding again.

The sliders ( which are hard to see in the photos) go between the vertical supports and guide the lift frame from it’s lower position to the upper position. They are small pieces but they take a lot to get right. The lift arms bolt to them from the out side and the lift frame bolts to them on the inside. The sides have little contact pads top and bottom out of nylon so they slide on the rails smoothly. To help I tapered the ends as well so they hang on the deck to the heating frame.

The nice part of this design is that when you get everything worked out it “locks”. When in the up position the frame holds itself. You don’t have to hold the bar up while the plastic heats. This is very nice. You can step back, make one final check on the vacuum tanks and get ready.

This was one of the more tricky parts to work out. Had I just gone with the given design and paid to weld it up it might have cost more but been simpler. It took me about two weekends to get it right. Correcting lengths and angels till the “Lock” worked just right.